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Mobile Technologies

Leveraging New Mobile Technology


Mobile Platform Technologies

Krish Radiant Solutions is specifically focusing on Mobile Platforms by leveraging new Mobile Technologies and thus exploring new opportunities, bridging the gap between traditional computing and harnessing the power of mobile technologies, and driving the future through our innovative apps.


We aim to develop mobile apps using wireless technology that augment seamless connectivity and real-time data tracking solutions that optimize and enhance service quality for various businesses thus reducing operational costs.




  • mERP Solutions — An Online Gateway to Krish ERP

  • mTrack — RFID-based FMCG Tracking Solutions for Supermarkets

  • Mobile Apps Development (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Java, and Symbian)

  • Mobile E-commerce solutions

  • Mobile Portal Development

App Development

Mobile Computing has transformed the way we access, retrieve, and collate information using the Internet. With mobility becoming the new table stakes for information gateway, Krish e-Novation Labs is developing cutting-edge apps – TrawellPAL and VendorPAL, both aimed at redefining business.

TrawellPAL & VendorPAL

This project is a one-stop fun for passengers who travel in cabs with the services provided by Krish Travel Pal. It has all the entertainment-related things such as YouTube, online movies, Live TV, Live Music, Games, and magazines apart from that it also gives the user a chance for shopping online based on the ads provided by it on the basis of location and it also provides online bookings for movies, flight, trains and busses and hotels emergency services which lets you help in case of any emergency while traveling.


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